A corporate gift is far more than an online corporate gift marketplace. It’s a comprehensive corporate gifting platform that helps you:

Streamline large orders with multiple address checkouts

Send E-Gifts when you don’t know all recipients’ addresses

Allow recipients to choose from a selection within an E-Gift

Automate gifting by triggers like occasion, milestone or other event

Customize corporate gifts with your own branding, packaging and messages

For example, to celebrate a new client win, an Account Manager can send a personalized E-gift notification to their valued client to notify them of the gift, and allow them to choose their favorite from pre-selected options.


Travel content is meant to inform and inspire, giving people the tools and boost they need to finally book that trip they’ve been meaning to take, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a month-long adventure. But the brochures, travel agents, and even websites of yesteryear just don’t cut it with today’s consumers.


The security in universal mobile telecommunications services (UMTS) is built upon the security of GSM and GPRS. UMTS uses the security features from GSM that have proved to be needed and robust. UMTS security tries to ensure compatibility with GSM in order to ease interworking and handoff between GSM and UMTS. The security features in UMTS correct the problems with GSM by addressing its real and perceived security weaknesses. New security features are added as necessary for new services offered by UMTS and to take into account the changes in network architecture. In UMTS the SIM is called UMTS SIM (USIM).

UMTS uses public keys. In UMTS mutual authentication between the mobile and BS occurs; thus there is no fake BS attack. UMTS has increased key lengths and provides end-to-end security




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